Pedasí & Limón

The Azuero Peninsula extends predominantly along Panama’s southern pacific coast and is shared by three provinces: Herrera, Los Santos and Veraguas.  The Azuero is a lively mixture of cowboy culture and Spanish tradition… all enveloped in a grandeur of geographical beauty noted by small towns, lively festivals, and friendly locals.  Beautiful beaches, diving, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, folkloric traditions are all part of the attractions that have let the Azuero secret “out of the box”.  Yet the Azuero continues to retain its rural heritage, testimony being that your biggest traffic jam is more likely to be a herd of cows rather than a bottleneck of cars.  Rodeos, cantinas, men donning Panama Hats, women in their folkloric “pollera” dresses and green hills dotted with Brahmas all characterize the Azuero.


Pedasi is a clean, charming town with all the requisites for either adventure or rest and relaxation.  Just a few minutes to the beach and the gateway to the southern portion of the Azuero, Pedasi and its surroundings offer a great location as a retirement community or traveling destination.  Pedasi, along with the eastern portion of the Azuero (Herrera and Los Santos provinces), enjoy less rain and a longer dry season than their neighbors to the west in Veraguas province.  This coupled with constant ocean breezes translates into an enjoyable climate even in the wettest months of the rainy season and the hottest months of the dry season.